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HVD Series

HERTZ HVD series variable-speed compressors drive the motor with the frequency converter to adjust the compressor operation speed according to compressed air  requirements and save up to 35% energy. Thanks to its high-quality equipment and excellent engineering in its design, it provides a very efficient and flexible use as per requirements. 

General Information

HVD Series Rotary Screw Air Compressors

HVD 5 / HVD 7 / HVD 11 / HVD 15 / HVD 18 / HVD 22 / HVD 30 / HVD 37 / HVD 45 / HVD 55 / HVD 75 / HVD 90 / HVD 110 / HVD 132 / HVD 150 / HVD 185 / HVD 220 / HVD 260 / HVD 300


Up to 35 % energy saving*

Operation at constant output pressure value

Wide operating pressure range (100-175 psi)

Soft starting

Protection against the adverse effects of peak currents

*When compared with compressors without an inverter for business with variable requirements


Main Motor and Drive System

Directly coupled one on one (1:1) with the elastic coupling

Variable-speed starting with frequency converter

High temperature protection with motor bearings (HVD 5-300)


Cooling System

Temperature controlled on-off type fan (HVD 5-22)

Cooling fans controlled with secondary fan inverter (HVD SERIES 30-300)

Independent radiator segments

Silent and slow speed Radial fan (HVD 18-300)

Quiet and efficient axial fan (HVD 5-15)

Other Features

High temperature sensor for motor bearings (HVD 55-300) 

All air and oil tanks to comply with ASME standards

Additional Options to the General Options List

Model options with Tank, without Tank, with tank&dryer (HVD 5-15)

Electronic Control

Hertz Kompressoren rotary screw compressors are equipped with easy-to-use, robust and long-lasting microprocessor controllers with communication capabilities as per the product line to ensure smooth operation and uninterrupted production.

Screw Block

  • Patented and durable screw block that provides high-capacity of air, and that is specially selected for each model's capacity requirement
  • Production of air with less loss of air, thanks to the new rotor profiles, and lower torque requirements
  • New generation bearing design with increased load carrying capabilities


Air Oil Separator

Easy-to-detach spin-on type separator

(HVD 5-15)

High-efficiency immersion type separator

with long service life (HVD 18-300)

High performance separation with

three-stage design

More efficient separation at lower

volume with deeply wrapped,

intertwined separation layers

Low amount of oil mist in outlet

               air ≤ 3 ppm

Main Motor and Drive System

Premium 230-460 /3 phase/60Hz, IE3 IP55 electric motors with F Class insulation, Wye-Delta motor starting system. Long-lasting and efficient transfer system thanks to use of elastic couplings on direct coupled models.

Models and Technical Information

psibarMinimum (m3/min - cfm)Maximum (m3/min - cfm)kW/HPLengthWidthHeightlbsdB(A)
HVD 510070.41140.96345,5/7,574256992072
HVD 710070.44161.26457,5/1074256997072
HVD 1110070.79281.926811/15672965112072
HVD 1510070.8282.69215/20752969126172
HVD 1810070.8283.6612918,5/25643355125772
HVD 2210070.8284.3315322/30643355134572
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