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HRD H US Series

HRD H US 15 / 25 / 35 / 50 / 75 / 100

Many smaller compressors do not use an aftercooler in their designs, Therefore compressed air exits the compressor at about 240 oF temperature, Hertz high temperature dryers incorporate an aftercooler to reduce the inlet temperature, previding efficient dewpoint management,

General Information

Hertz Air Quality Focus

Hertz knows the importance of high quality   compressed air and provides customers  with the highest quality air possible, Using clean, dry air is extremely important for most  air powered applications, Moisture or contamination in  the air from the compressor discharge will result in many complications to production equipment, These complications will decrease productivity and  may affect the production quality of final products,

High Temperature Dryer

High operating pressure

Integrated condenser

Independent air cooled aftercooler

Moisture separator

Auto drain

Easy installation and maintenance

The Refrigerant Circut and Insulation

Hertz exclusivesly uses environmentally friendly R134a refrigerant  gas in the dryers, This refrigerant is suitable for both high temperature applications, R-134a has excellent  thermodynamic properties and can operate at very low  pressure compared to other refrigerants, 

This will in turn increase the refrigerant compressor’s  service life, With R-134a Hertz dryers can operate at very high ambient temperatures, Hertz engineers add extra  capability to the heat exchangers with a superior no loss insulation system,

Hertz HRD H US Series Digital Cycling air dryers supply constant dewpoint at all flow ranges,  This perfect insulation philosophy continues to the refrigeration circuit side also, Superior insulation and oversized  condensers (for ultra-high ambient temperatures)  enable the HRD H US Series Dryers to offer continuous air quality, 

Models and Technical Information

ModelCapacity**Connection SizeVoltageMax,Working,PressureMax,Ambient,TempMax,Inlet,TempRefrigerantRecommended Filter and TypeDimensions (in,)Weight
m3/mincfm psi0F0FLengthWidthHeight(lbs)
HRD H US 150.42151/2” NPT115V/1/60 Hz230120240R134aC / F17.517.537.6137
HRD H US 250.71251/2” NPT115V/1/60 Hz230120240R134aC / F17.517.537.6137
HRD H US 350.99351/2” NPT115V/1/60 Hz230120240R134aC / F17.517.537.6139
HRD H US 501.42503/4” NPT115V/1/60 Hz230120240R134aC / F17.517.537.6141
HRD H US 752.12753/4” NPT115V/1/60 Hz230120240R134aC / F24.62035.8194
HRD H US 1002.831003/4” NPT115V/1/60 Hz230120240R134aC / F24.62035.8214
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