15-40 HP   174-580 psi  30,5-99,6 cfm

Oil Injected, Direct Coupled

Reciprocating High Pressure Air Compressors

We offer ideal air solutions for high pressure applications for marine industry.


Lightweight and robust composite cabinet provides high-performance cooling, protects the cylinder heads from impacts, and prevents the operator from coming into contact with moving and hot components.

Ease of installation and strong components for longer uptimes and user-friendly operation.

Safe, low-maintenance operation thanks to integrated flexible coupling

 General Features 

PLC-based control and system monitoring with digital display panel

High efficiency motor

Oil trap air filtration system (Optional)

Direct coupled

 Main Motor and Drive System

IE3 efficiency-class electric motor

Direct coupled with elastic coupling

Star/delta motor starter

Special loadless start system and automatic discharge system for loadless start

Soft starter (optional)

Compressor Block

Cast iron cylinder with cooling fins and special aluminium alloy cylinder heads

High-strength cast iron sumps

Dynamically balanced steel crankshaft and counterweight

Special aluminium alloy pistons and cast steel connecting rods

Specially designed concentric-type, high-capacity stainless steel suction-discharge valves

  Cooling System

 4-stage radiator (3 stages for air, 1 stage for oil cooling)

 Cylinder and cylinder heads with cooling fins

 Cooling fan connected directly to the main motor

 Integrated oil pump driven by the main motor lubricates the pistons and pins

Specially designed concentric-type, high-capacity stainless steel suction-discharge valves


Mains voltage and frequency monitoring, protection at certain limits

Multiple compressor control for up to 8 compressors without the need for an external master compressors

Internal ModBus communication

Alarm log records the last 9 alarms

 15-40 HP   174-580 psi  30,5-99,6 cfm


Model Working Pressure Piston Displacement Voltage / Frequency Motor Connection Dimensions (in.) Weight
psi - bar
psi - bar
cfm m³/min V/Hz HP/kW Length Width Height Ibs
HW 52 174 12 580 40 30,5 0,86 460/60 15/11 1” NPT 51 43 40 906
HW 64 174 12 580 40 51,13 1,44 460/60   20/15 1” NPT 51 43 40 928
HW 108 174 12 580 40 78,2 2,21 460/60 30/22 1” NPT 62 46 43 630
HW 166 174 12 580 40 99,6 2,82 460/60 40/30 1” NPT 64 46 43 1500

- Unit performances measured in reference conditions which are 1 bar absolute air pressure, 0% relative humidity, 20°C inlet air temperature, 71°C thermostatic valve set temperature and use of Smartoil.
- Hertz reserves its rights to make changes in its products and specifications without prior notice.