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We are continuously developing our products under the guidelines of sustainability and efficiency. With this orientation, we are constantly developing our products with regard to resource-saving and environmentally compatible use.

We are continuously working on more and more efficient compressors in order to reduce the energy consumption of the plants and to achieve an ever better specific performance.

 You can count on our technology and expertise! 

Hertz Kompressoren is a manufacturer of industrial compressors and compressed air systems.

Hertz Kompressoren offers an extensive line of silent air compressor systems, oil-less air compressors, highly efficient turn key rotary screw air compressors, turbo compressors, nitrogen generators, compressed air equipment.

Our engineering team carry out a precise analysis of the compressed air demand and the quality requirements of our customers and tailor all components to match. They ensure that all equipment works consistently in as economical a way as possible.

In addition to tailor-made product solutions, Hertz Kompressoren supports our customers within the entire development cycle, from the conception to the implementation and commissioning of your compressed air station.

Hertz Kompressoren offers selection and combination of the compressors, the drying process, the necessary filters, the pipings.