While meeting  its manpower needs ,

 Hertz Kompressoren ensures  that this manpower stays on

and is used as  productively  as possible.

Our Human Resources Principles 

To recruit qualified manpower in line with our company’s objectives and strategies,
To prioritize keeping our employees motivated and loyal to Hertz Kompressoren,
To follow a transparent and open management policy for our employees,
To support personal development with continuous training,
To create and maintain a safe, healthy, and peaceful working environment for an efficient working environment,
To continually review, update, and improve our Human Resources Policy.


The Hertz Kompressoren Human Resources team starts working with our newly hired colleagues as soon as they accept the employment offer to adapt them to the organisation and it designs a comprehensive orientation program they can follow starting with the first day at work. The new Hertz Kompressoren employee continues this orientation process with a buddy who is well versed in the organisation’s practices and culture and who has been trained as a mentor so he/she can quickly adapt to our corporate culture and his/her job.


With our training platform Hertz Kompressoren Journey, which we give our employees access to on their first day at work, we offer innovative learning and development methods as well as technical and behavioural training solutions and create a digital learning experience for them. We support our employees’ development journey with various professional, technical, personal development, and foreign language training courses as required.


By adopting a culture of talent review focussed on Personal Development and continuous feedback, we can monitor our employees’ goals and development closely and ensure that they see how they contribute to the big picture by involving them in the talent review process.


Using the Talent Review inputs, we identify our employees’ areas of development and we support them with our training & development activities. We then monitor their progress along the career paths we create for each title level and offer them different career opportunities.