You have many reasons to choose Hertz Kompressoren

A piston compressor is the oldest and most common type of industrial compressor. This type of air compressor uses principles of displacement to increase the pressure of the enclosed volume of gas or air. They are available in a range of configurations, from single-acting, double-acting, oil-injected or oil-free.

 Why is it preferred? 

Designed for intermittent duty applications in harsh environments

✓ Best suited for applications where the compressor is turned on and off frequently

✓ In a wide variety of applications including auto body shops, tire shops, woodworking facilities, construction sites, amusement parks, and industrial facilities.

Easy reciprocating air compressor component replacement lets you amortize
your initial capital cost over a much longer equipment life span, for a superior payback on your investment.

In a piston compressor with a valve system and two stainless steel valve discs, the piston moves downward and draws air into the cylinder. The largest disc flexes to fold downward, allowing the air to pass. When the piston moves upward, the large disc flexes again to seal against the valve seat.

What advantages does it provide? 

Low installation costs

Save energy in no-load conditions and operate efficiently at partial load

Less moving parts when compared to other types of compressors, resulting in lower maintenance requirements

If you're a commercial business looking for a stationary compressor to power high PSI/CFM pneumatic tools, you may opt for an oiled compressor. Or, if you're concerned with noise, air purity, changing filters and maintenance, then an oil-free stationary compressor would be ideal.

As a pioneer supplier of reciprocating compressors, we offer products ranging from medium to high-speed separable units
driven by engines or electric motors, to large, slow speed motor driven process reciprocating compressors.