With the goal of using natural resources efficiently, our organisation places goods on the market which are environmentally friendly and consume little energy starting at the design stage of its goods, services, and operations. Incentivised by the widespread use of new technology, our company is encouraged to take measures to use sustainable resources, save on energy, water, and natural resources, and prevent environmental pollution at all our production sites. Studies are being made with the contribution of all our employees to reduce waste at the source and to dispose of, reuse, recover, and recycle waste.

Our organisation takes all necessary measures to make available for its stakeholders all the resources needed to raise, apply, maintain, and constantly improve environmental awareness. It determines the competencies that employees need to fulfil all their performance and compliance obligations, and it guarantees and monitors their competencies by considering appropriate training, instruction, and experience

With its understanding of overall quality, Hertz Kompressoren is aware that a healthy and positive approach is essential for effective and productive management. This is why it attaches importance to assessing and managing the potential effects of risks in the workplace on employees, contractors, visitors, and other personnel in the work areas.

Our Integrated Management System aims to create and spread risk-based thinking at all levels to achieve sustainable customer satisfaction for the products and services which are our organisation’s primary objective by deeply understanding and assessing the expectations of all our domestic and foreign stakeholders globally, and to achieve continuous improvement in all processes and management system practices by managing risks correctly. Process performances are measured and monitored effectively and process efficiencies are monitored with the internal audit method.

Aware that employee satisfaction is one of our organisation’s key values and the factor underpinning customer satisfaction, we aim to increase employee competencies through technical and behavioural training so that quality awareness, an inquiring mindset, continuous development and innovation, affinity for cooperation, solution partnerships, dynamism, and flexible behaviours are adopted and become commonplace. The Integrated Management System is responsible for checking and following up compliance obligations as part of the constant self-checking mechanism in line with our requirement to demonstrate the ability to provide goods and services that meet all national and international regulatory conditions.