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WAVE Series

Hertz proudly introduces new generation Wave of high pressure reciprocating compressors taking advancing the WAVE Series, which were developed in order to be used in all applications requiring high pressure, especially in the maritime sector, where Hertz has shown a keen interest and served from the day of its establishment until today.

General Information

WAVE Series High Pressure Reciprocating Air Compressors

HW52 / HW64 / HW108 / HW166

Main Motor and Drive System

Directly coupled with the elastic coupling Wye delta motor starting system

Cooling System

4-stage radiator (3 stage for air, 1 stage for oil cooling)

Pre-cooling with concentric valves with cooling fins

Cooling fan directly connected to the main motor

Lubrication System

Lubrication of the pistons and pins is performed by the integrated oil pump driven by the main motor.

Electrical System

Flexible operation with multiple user controlled parameters (such as input, output air pressure, temperature, maximum operating pressure, maximum oil pressure, maximum operating temperature)

PLC based control and system monitoring with digital display panel

Condensate Discharge System

Condensation water in the radiator is trapped by the integrated water separator and then it is removed from the system at certain intervals by the solenoid valves.

Cabinet Design

The lightweight and durable composite cabinet improves cooling performance, protects the upper heads from impact, and prevent the operator from touching moving and hot equipment.


High pressure air dryer

Air filtering system with oil trap

Food grade lubricant

Main motor with IE4 efficiency class

Soft starter


Main Motor and Drive System

High efficiency 230-460V/3 phase/60Hz IE3 IP55 electric motor

Special starting system with automatic discharge for no-load start

Compressor Block

Cast iron cylinder with cooling fins and special aluminium alloy cylinder heads

28 Specially designed high-speed stainless steel concentric valves.

Cast iron crankcases of high strength

Dynamically-balanced cast iron crankshaft and counterweight

Special alloy aluminium pistons and iron cast connecting rods

Specially designed finger-type, stainless steel high efficiency suction-discharge valves

Stainless steel suction-discharge valves, specially designed for high pressure strength


Internal phase protection relay function

Function for monitoring the mains voltage and frequency and keeping these at specified limits

Multiple compressor control with up to 8 compressors without requiring an external main controller

ModBus communication feature

Alarm History Record for the last 9 alarms

Models and Technical Information

Maximum (bar-psi)Minimum (bar-psi)m3/mincfmV/HzkW/hpLengthWidthHeight
HW 52**40580121740.8630230/460/60Nov-201551.243.340.6937
HW 64**40580121741.4551230/460/6015/2051.243.340.61016
HW 108**40580121742.2178230/460/6022/3062.246.343.31510
HW 166**40580121742.82100230/460/6030/4064.646.343.31702