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HPC L Series

HERTZ promises suitable, trouble-free equipment with high performance for every kind of application with its HPC L series low pressure reciprocating air compressors. Manufacturing and assembly of every single part of these compressors, in which latest engineering softwares are used during design and analysis phases, are achieved with international quality standards.

General Information

Main Motor And Drive System

High efficiency IE3 class IP55 motors are used as standard.

Direct-drive mechanism with a flexible coupling

Compressor block is effectively cooled by a high capacity fan directly coupled to main motor shaft.

Safety System

Pressure discharge valve
Manual discharge valve
Outlet pressure gauge

Compressor Block

Dynamically balanced and precisely manufactured sphero cast crankshafts and cast-iron counter weights prolong the lifecycle of the compressor
Special design sphero cast concentric valves, which are capable of holding airflow in upper levels as well as working at high temperatures, are specified
Compression and oil retaining rings are used for holding the airflow maximized and preventing oil leaks


Water separator
Motor drive system with star-delta connection
Power supply options other than 230/460V/3 phase/60Hz

Standard Features

Reciprocating compressor block 230/460V/3 phase/60Hz IE3 efficiency class IP55 main motor

Direct-drive system with flexible coupling

Long-life bearings

Air intake filter and its silencer

Oil splash lubrication system

Oil level indicator 

Models and Technical Information

HPC L 75343.55.67200230/460/6018,5/254049.233.7970
HPC L 106343.58.43298230/460/6022/304049.233.71190