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HHGO US Series

HHGO US 60 / 175 / 350 / 500 / 700 / 950 / 1500 / 1750

The compressed air coming from the compressor may contain unwanted elements such as oil, dust and humidity. The air in the external environment will also affect the quality of the final product. This air must be filtered prior to the final stage of production.

General Information

Anodized Aluminum Design with High Performance

Hertz High Pressure Range Compressed Air Filters are no welded design. As a result it is very strong and robust. Very thick wall thickness and In-house high pressure test facilities assure the performance. All inner and outer surfaces of 725 psi Aluminum design Filters are anodized, where 5076 psi Carbon Steel design Filters are epoxy electro powder painted.

High Pressure Line Filters Features

Hertz manufactures a line of High Performance Compressed Air Filters, Moisture Separators in two different range;

1)725 psi Range made of Aluminum, No welding, strong and reliable design.

2)5076 psi Range made of Steel. No welding, and very reliable for High Pressure appilications.

Models and Technical Information

ModelCapacityConnection SizeMax,Working,PressureElement Housing Dimensions (in,)
HHGO US 601.7601/4" NPT725HH254.174.681.183.46
HHGO US 1754.961751/2" NPT725HH504.174.681.183.46
HHGO US 3509.913503/4" NPT725HH1004.174.681.183.46
HHGO US 50014.25001" NPT725HH1504.845.511.554
HHGO US 70019.87001" NPT725HH2004.845.511.554
HHGO US 95026.99501 1/2" NPT725HH2504.845.511.554
HHGO US 150042.515002" NPT725HH25006.2572.25.23
HHGO US 175049.617502 1/2" NPT725HH30006.2572.25.23