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HF US Series

HF US 1500 / 1900 / 2500 / 3800 / 5000 / 6500 / 8300 / 10000 / 12400 / 15000 / 17700

General Information


The compressed air coming from the compressor may contain unwanted elements such as oil, dust and humidity. The air in the external environment will also affect the quality of the final product. This air must be filtered prior to the final stage of production.

Flanged Housing Range Features

Elements are assembled by the help of a tie rod System.

Two external float drains for excellent drainage

Unique design for pre-separation zone

Strong welded design

CE and ASME tanks available

Design for easy element change from top flange

External Float Drain

Hertz External Drain is designed to remove liquid condensation from collection points in a Compressed Air System. Durable epoxy powder-coat finish and corrosion-resistant internal anodized coating for long service life.

Models and Technical Information

ModelCapacityConnection DrainMax,Working,PressureNumber ofElement Housing Dimensions (in,)
m3/min,cfmSizePort SizeWorking ElementsModelABCDE
HF US 150042.515003" ANSI B16,51/2" NPT2002H120017.7511129.525.5
HF US 190053.819004" ANSI B16,51/2" NPT2003H120017.752.21130.325.5
HF US 250070.825004" ANSI B16,51/2" NPT2004H120020.953.21130.425.5
HF US 3800107.638006" ANSI B16,51/2" NPT2006H120022.856.413.131.425.5
HF US 5000141.650006" ANSI B16,51/2" NPT2008H120025.657.113.2531.5625.5
HF US 6500184.165008" ANSI B16,51/2" NPT20010H120029.559.614.532.625.5
HF US 830023583008" ANSI B16,51/2" NPT20014H120031.560.71532.725.5
HF US 10000283.21000010" ANSI B16,51/2" NPT20016H120033.56416.333.8425.5
HF US 12400351.11240012" ANSI B16,51/2" NPT20017H120033.56617.534.825.5
HF US 15000424.81500014" ANSI B16,51/2" NPT20023H120039.469.718.935.825.5
HF US 17700501.21770014" ANSI B16,51/2" NPT20028H120039.469.718.935.825.5