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The Hertz Kompressoren HBD All-in-One Smart Compact

The All-in-One Smart Compact design is incredible for:

  • Saving time on installation costs
  • Reducing the risk of air leakages
  • Saving space, thanks to the compact footprint
  • Providing superior air quality

The Smart Compact eliminates the task of selecting separate components and reduces the extensive space requirements of a traditional compressed air system; all while providing your business with maximum efficiency, reliability, flexibility, and productivity.

Compressed air can contain unwanted substances such as water (in droplet or vapor form), oil (in droplet or aerosol form), or dust. These substances can impair production efficiency and increase costs. Filtering these substances out can extend equipment life by reducing wear on pneumatic tools and equipment, reducing waste caused by contaminated products or malfunctioning equipment, reducing maintenance costs, and extending maintenance intervals.

The All-in-One Smart Compact design includes our HBD series compressor (4-15kW), a refrigerated dryer, particulate filtration, and a receiver tank. All components have been sized to provide maximum performance.


Fully integrated and compact design with the highest reliability

Quiet operation

No separate compressor room required, allowing installation in most working environments

Equipped with energy efficient load/no load controls, only consuming power when compressed air is needed

Ample air storage capacity for even more energy savings

Clean, dry air that improves reliability, avoiding costly downtime and safeguarding your end products

Integrated dryer and in-line air filter installed

Standard Features

Units come well-equipped with premium components like a TEFC motor, Wye Delta starter, package pre-filtration and an IP55 electrical enclosure.

Simplified serviceability

ASME certified pressure vessel (120 gallons, 200 psig)

Digitally cycling refrigerated dryer (dew point: 37°F)

General purpose filter - particle removal up to 1 μm & oil removal 0.5 mg/m³

Fine filter - particle removal up to 0.01 μm & oil removal 0.01 mg/m³

ISO 8573.1 quality rating of 1-4-1

The All-in-One Smart Compact’s concise and robust design combines the compressor, dryer, and receiver to allow for quick and easy installation and optimized floor space.