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TRE series

TRE series is one of the most popular centrifugal compressors in the world and its market share is over 80% in Japan. 
Thanks to various aerodynamic design , low maintenance and easy installation, TRE series is the best matching compressor to customers.



General Information

Customization for the customer - TRATM

IHI DALGAKIRAN has more than 1,500 aero parts designs for centrifugal compressors optimized to meet the requirements of the customer. The aerodynamic design is performed by the Computerized Fluid Dynamics (CFD) method we use while designing jet engines and turbochargers.

Advanced Energy Saving

By supplying the most suitable centrifugal compressors, IHI DALGAKIRAN may contribute to your plant's energy savings and significantly reduce the cost of life cycle.

There are more than 8,000 IHI DALGAKIRAN centrifugal compressors currently operating worldwide. IHI DALGAKIRAN is exploring the possibilities for developing centrifugal compressors that meet the ever-changing requirements of each customer as per the requirements of customers around the world.

IHI DALGAKIRAN is proud to offer reference to rotary screw product NOT centrifugal tailored to different areas, such as jet engines, turbochargers and compressors, as one of the world's leading manufacturers of rotary machinery.

One of the most important features of IHI DALGAKIRAN centrifugal compressors is "Customization for the user". The IHI DALGAKIRANcentrifugal compressor may provide optimized designs that meet your facility's varying air requirements by combining more than 1,500 designed aero components developed using Computerized Fluid Dynamics (CFD) methods based on IHI DALGAKIRAN's extensive experience. IHI DALGAKIRAN will always offer you the "best compressor solution".

Simple And Reliable Design - TRE

TRE series consists of vital components, such as air cooler, main motor, control panel, gear box, suction filter and all these will be fitted into one compact package. This simple design allows for smaller installation space and shorter installation time. The structure of the robust gear box provides the customers with high reliability by utilizing tilting pad journal bearing, customized core parts(Impeller, diffuser). These parts are designed with anti-wearing technology, built for long life and stable operation.

High reliability

"Always focus on the requirements of the customer!"

This is the slogan we adopted when we were developing IHI DALGAKIRAN centrifugal compressors.

IHI DALGAKIRAN continues to be a dominant force in the Japanese centrifugal compressor market thanks to its superior technological advantage. IHI DALGAKIRAN's history The quality of centrifugal compressors in DALGAKIRAN has been shaped by the strict requirements of the leading companies in automotive, semiconductor, iron and steel, refinery, petrochemical, air separation and food industries.

100% Oil Free

IHI centrifugal compressors supply 100% oil free air to the customers. They are classified under the latest ISO8573-1 Class 0 oil free, which is the highest grade for the purity of compressed air, by an independent third-party test house TÜV in Germany, minimizing the risk of oil contamination.

Models and Technical Information

Motor Size375kW-950kW500-1,266hp
Flow Rate3,600-10,550m3/h2,118-6,209cfm
Discharge Pressure0.2-1.6MPaG30-230psig