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HS Series Scroll Compressor

HS Series Scroll Compressor

Hertz HS series oil-free scroll compressors offer 100% oil-free compressed air for applications that require clean & oil-free air. Hertz oil-free scroll compressors are the best solution for clean compressed air for industries such as electronics, food & beverage, pharmaceutical as well as applications that clean oil-free air is essential; medical, dental, railway transportation & medical applications. Completely oil-free compressed air according to ISO 8573-1 Class-ZERO.


HS Series Scroll Compressor

General Information

Features - HS Series

  • Compact in size Low vibration
  • Extremely low noise level Sound insulated canopy
  • Built in aftercooler(s), water separator and stainless piping
  • Robust and durable single unit or stacked design
  • CLASS-0 ISO 8573-1

Compressor Block - HS Series

  • High efficiency scroll design.
  • Integrated cooling fan on scroll element provides efficient cooling.
  • Oil-less design avoids frequent oiling.

Mair Motor and Drive System - HS Series

  • Premium efficiency IE3/IP 55/F Class motors
  • Belt-pulley drive system
  • Easy belt tensioning system


Mechanism and Structure - HS Series

Scroll Type Compression Principle

Orbital scroll member and fixed scroll member are matched to create compression chambers.

The continuous movement of the orbital spiral compresses air from the atmosphere and produces oil-free, contaminant-free compressed air.


Electronic Controls - HS Series

Electronic Control

HERTZ Scroll compressors are equipped with easy-to-use, robust and long-lasting microprocessor control devices with communication features according with the product line to ensure smooth operation and uninterrupted production.


Efficient Control of Multiple Oil-Free Scroll Compressors

DX320 controllers can control up to 8 units of oil-free scroll compressors efficiently. Each compressor and step can be adjusted differently.


Intelligence Balance Control by Rotation

For overall working balance and equal ageing, compressors are operated according to the working hours and on/off priorities.


Ease of Service

Designed by consideration of convinitent spare parts replacement and maintanance periods for ease of service.


RS485 Communication (MODBUS)

Versitale and able to connect with the upper systems perfectly. Communication via   RS485 (MODBUS) offers and provides many features to the users such as remote control, remote display, data monitoring.

Models and Technical Information

HS1.5-S81150.1661,5/2G 1/2"750710900195
HS2.2-S81150.2492,2/3G 1/2"750710900200
HS3.7-S81160.4143,7/5G 1/2"750710900220
HS5.5-S81150.6215,5/7,5G 1/2"750710900230
HS7.5-S81150.85307,5/10G 1/2"750800900235
HS7,5-D81150.8297,5/10G 3/4"15008001050405
HS11-D81151.24311/15G 3/4"15008001050425
HS15-D81151.76115/20G 3/4"15008001050440
HS11-T81151.24311/15G 1"15008001840590
HS16,5-T81151.86416,5/22G 1"15008001840665
HS22.5-T81152.559122,5/30G 1"15008001840675
HS15-Q81151.65715/20G 1"15008001840695
HS22-Q81152.58822/30G 1"15008001840795
HS30-Q81153.412130/40G 1"15008001840805