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HRD Series

Durable, compact and efficient Hertz dryers will soon become the global standard for performance. Heat-Exchanger design is unique and patented. The Mono-Block Heat-Exchangers are constructed with thick, steel tubes specially treated to resist corrosion.


HRD Series

General Information

HRD Series

HRD 10 / 20 / 30 / 40 / 50 / 60 / 70 / 80 / 90 / 100 / 110 / 120 / 130 / 140 / 150 / 160 / 170 / 180 / 190 / 200 / 210 / 220 / 230 / 240 / 250 / 260

Refrigerated Type HRD Compressed Air Dryers

 3 °C pressure dew point

 Very Low Pressure Drop

 Designed for Tropical Conditions

 Dryer easily runs at 60 °C Max. Inlet Temp. and 50 °C Ambient Temp.due to R134a refrigerant (all through the range) and oversized condenser. 

Compact Design

As the canopy of the dryer is designed not to leave any unused space inside, HRD series air dryers cover minimal space where they are placed.

Energy Saving Device

Digital Controller with a lot of economy features and alarm capabilities is standard for all 3Ph dryers

(HRD140 and up) 

Aluminum Heat Exchanger is Standard

Very Low Pressure Drop (100mbar)

Very Efficient (3 oC real pressure dew point)

Easy to Access

Easy to access in to the cooling components in seconds by the help of Screw free panels and plastic handles.

Electrical wires are seperated from Refrigerant Side

No electrical wires inside the refrigerant side of the dryer. Electrical Box has an external cover which has an access from the outside of the dryer. No need to open dryer panels to go in to electrical box.

Models and Technical Information

MODELCapacity*Connection SizeVoltage**RefrigerantMaximum Working PressureMaximum Ambient TemperatureMaximum Inlet TemperatureIncluded Filter and TypeDimensions (mm)Weight
HRD 100.3512G ½"230V/1/50 HzR-134a165060HGKO 45 MX+MY42339356732
HRD 200.5820G ½"230V/1/50 HzR-134a165060HGKO 45 MX+MY42339356732
HRD 300.8329G ½"230V/1/50 HzR-134a165060HGKO 45 MX+MY42339356732
HRD 351.0537G ½"230V/1/50 HzR-134a165060HGKO 70 MX+MY42339356735
HRD 401.4551G ¾"230V/1/50 HzR-134a165060HGKO 150 MX+MY47345383251
HRD 502.1777G ¾"230V/1/50 HzR-134a165060HGKO 150 MX+MY47345383253
HRD 602.83100G ¾"230V/1/50 HzR-134a165060HGKO 150 MX+MY47345383255
HRD 703.3117G 1 ½"230V/1/50 HzR-134a165060HGKO 500 MX+MY55350387478
HRD 804.7166G 1 ½"230V/1/50 HzR-134a165060HGKO 500 MX+MY55350387483
HRD 905.9208G 1 ½"230V/1/50 HzR-134a165060HGKO 500 MX+MY55350387486
HRD 1007.8275G 2"230V/1/50 HzR-134a165060HGKO 851 MX+MY6786481157160
HRD 1109.8346G 2"230V/1/50 HzR-134a165060HGKO 1210 MX+MY6786481157165
HRD 12013.8487G 2"230V/1/50 HzR-134a165060HGKO 1210 MX+MY9487281370220
HRD 13018.3646G 2"230V/1/50 HzR-134a165060HGKO 1210 MX+MY9487281370230
HRD 14021.8770G 3"400V/3/50HzR-134a165060HGKO 1820 MX+MY9487981460270
HRD 15027.1957G 3"400V/3/50HzR-134a165060HGKO 1820 MX+MY9487981460285
HRD 16036.71296G 3"400V/3/50HzR-134a165060HGKO 2700 MX+MY11637781725392
HRD 17043.71543G 3"400V/3/50HzR-134a165060HGKO 2700 MX+MY11637781725410
HRD 18052.41850DN100400V/3/50HzR-134a165060GKO 5850 MX+MY13978471770492
HRD 19061.62175DN100400V/3/50HzR-134a165060GKO 5850 MX+MY13978471770520
HRD 200802825DN100400V/3/50HzR-134a165060GKO 5850 MX+MY146710771930696
HRD 210923249DN100400V/3/50HzR-134a165060GKO 5850 MX+MY146710771930718
HRD 220109.73874DN150400V/3/50HzR-134a165060Not Included218810621925900
HRD 230123.94375DN150400V/3/50HzR-134a165060Not Included218810621925925
HRD 240141.65001DN150400V/3/50HzR-134a165060Not Included224712002044975
HRD 250165.25834DN200400V/3/50HzR-134a165060Not Included2247120020441100
HRD 260196.76946DN200400V/3/50HzR-134a165060Not Included2550155021001400