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HRD HPN Series

This design achieves a hyper-efficient 100 % contact between the air and refrigerant circuits, delivering state-of-the-art performance and great cooling efficiency.

The state-of-the-art 3-in-1 design features very low differential pressure delivering significant energy savings. The 3-in-1 Heat-Exchanger is compactand allows the dryer to be smaller and reduces the space required for the dryer. Hertz offers a variety of 3-in-1 dryers equipped with the 3-in-1 Heat-Exchanger to meet a full range of capacity and power requirements.


HRD HPN Series

General Information

HRD HPN Series

HRD 50 HPN / HRD 90 HPN / HRD 150 HP / HRD 220 HPN / HRD 300 HPN / HRD 400 HPN / HRD 500 HPN / HRD 575 HPN / HRD 775 HPN

HRD 910 HPN / HRD 1000 HPN / HRD 1160 HPN / HRD 1500 HPN / HRD 1600 HPN / HRD 1800 HPN / HRD 2200 HPN / HRD 2500 HPN

HRD 2700 HPN / HRD 3000 HPN / HRD 3300 HPN / HRD 3600 HPN


  • Two valve regulation system (thermal and bypass), allowing to fill properly the exchanger and giving a max. temperature to the exchanger
  • High quality security test of potential leakage
  • Use of hermetic compressor as standard
  • High quality, long lasting components
  • Quick start and reaction time


  • Double centrifugation due to the bottom fin
  • Reserved direction for the compressed air
  • Gravity effect to the condensed water
  • Special anti-return system
  • Integrated separator


Hertz HRD HPN range High Pressure Air Dryer Series have stainless steel brazed plate heat exchanger. It is designed for high pressure air
dryers. The heat exchanger has the following sections in one module;

  • Air/Air heat exchanger (Economizer)
  • Air/Refrigerant heat exchanger (Evaporator)
  • Water separator

With reliable stainless steel and optimized design, Hertz HRD HPN heat exchangers supply size reduction, anti corrosion and great heat


  • Better coefficient of power
  • Less energy consumption
  • Higher resistance to liquid shocks

Models and Technical Information

ModelCapacity*Connection SizeVoltageMaximum Working PressureMaximum Ambient TemperatureMaximum Inlet TemperatureDimensions (mm)Weight
HRD 50 HPN0.8329G ¾"230V/1/50 Hz45455045436155336
HRD 90 HPN1.553G ¾"230V/1/50 Hz45455045436155338
HRD 150 HP2.588G ¾"230V/1/50 Hz45455045340162345
HRD 220 HPN3.67130G ¾"230V/1/50 Hz45455045340162345
HRD 300 HPN5177G 1 1/4"230V/1/50 Hz45455050545176170
HRD 400 HPN6.67236G 1 1/4"230V/1/50 Hz45455050545176172
HRD 500 HPN8.33294G 1 1/4"230V/1/50 Hz45455050545181278
HRD 575 HPN9.58338G 1 1/4"230V/1/50 Hz45455050545181280
HRD 775 HPN12.9456G 1 1/4"230V/1/50 Hz454550675501984115
HRD 910 HPN15.2537G 1 1/4"230V/1/50 Hz454550675501984120
HRD 1000 HPN16.7590G 2"230V/1/50 Hz4545509477271170218
HRD 1160 HPN19.4685G 2"230V/1/50 Hz4545509477271170220
HRD 1500 HPN25883G 2"230V/1/50 Hz4545509477271170225
HRD 1600 HPN26.7943G 2"400V/3/50Hz4545509477971460263
HRD 1800 HPN301059G 2"400V/3/50Hz4545509477971460265
HRD 2200 HPN36.71296G 2 1/2"400V/3/50Hz45455011627971495352
HRD 2500 HPN41.71473G 2 1/2"400V/3/50Hz45455011627971495353
HRD 2700 HPN451589G 2 1/2"400V/3/50Hz45455011627971495355
HRD 3000 HPN501766G 2 1/2"400V/3/50Hz45455011627971495422
HRD 3300 HPN551942G 2 1/2"400V/3/50Hz45455011627971495423
HRD 3600 HPN602119G 2 1/2"400V/3/50Hz45455011627971495425