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HPC Series Starting Air

HERTZ proudly presents its HPC series starting air compressors developed for all applications where medium pressure is a must, especially for the maritime sector.


HPC Series Starting Air

General Information

HPC Series High Pressure Reciprocating Air Compressors

HPC – H5 / HPC – H15 / HPC – H20

Safety Systems

Manual discharge valve
Discharge check valve
Belt-pulley guard
Over pressure switch
First and second stage safety valves
Outlet pressure gauge
First stage pressure gauge

Other Features

Type approval certifications from BV
Automatic discharge system for loadless start
Long-life bearings
Air-cooled aftercooler
Air intake filter and its silencer
Oil splash lubrication system
Oil level indicator

Compressor Block

Heavy-duty type cast-iron crankcase with oil level indicator, blowdown valve and oil fill/drain plug
Cast-iron cylinders with cooling fins
Cast-steel crankshaft and counter weight
Lightweight pistons casted from special aluminum alloy and cast-steel connecting rods
Specially designed finger-type high capacity stainless steel inlet-outlet valves in the first stage
Specially designed the inlet-outlet valves for high pressure conditions in the second stage
Compression and oil retaining rings

Main Motor And Drive System

High efficiency 400V/3 phase/50Hz IE3 class IP55electric motor
Drive system with belt-pulley mechanism
Belts have a working life of a minimum 25,000 hours
Special design fan-type cast-iron pulley
Easy belt tensioning system
Special loadless operation system

Long Life

Cast-iron crankcase and cylinders, pistons operated at low-speed, corrosion and heat-resistant stainless steel valves, cylinders and bare pumps with cooling fins make HERTZ HPC series high pressure reciprocating air compressors durable and problem free.


High pressure air dryer
CE certified air receiver made from P265GH pressure vessel steel
Motor drive system with star-delta connection
Power supply options other than 400V/3 phase/50Hz

Models and Technical Information

ModelPressureCapacity (intake)Motor Power kW/HPConnection SizeDimensions (mm)Weight kg
HPC-H54058050717.95,5/7G 3/4"933576662153
HPC-H1540580106037.411/15G 1"13121213718363
HPC-H2040580165758.515/20G 1"1295897832422