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HNG Series

Produce your nitrogen needs continuously with HERTZ HNG series Nitrogen Generator. Save time, money and space. HNG series are very easy to use with its simple structure, compact design and fully automated operation.

General Information

HNG Series

HNG 10 / 20 / 35 / 60 / 95 / 120 / 150 / 250 / 330 / 450 / 510 / 570 / 730 / 910 / 1110 / 1230 / 1370 / 1820 / 2050 / 2950 / 3540 / 4160 / 5560 / 9170 / 11200

(Capacity 0,2Nm3/h – 2500Nm3/h; Purity 95 % - 99,999 %)

How It Works?

Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) type Nitrogen Generation system is used to separate and enrich Nitrogen from Oxygen employs CMS (Carbon Molecular Sieve) for adsorbent. Carbon Molecular Sieve (CMS) adsorbs Oxygen and Water Vapor molecules under certain pressure - while allowing Nitrogen to pass through.

The nitrogen molecules (4.3 Angstrom in size) passes through the column, but the oxygen molecules (3.9 Angstrom in size) are adsorbed on the carbon molecular sieve (4 Angstrom opening). 

The cycle is composed of following steps

PSA Process

A. Pressurization Step:

Process to increase adsorption pressure in adsorption tower under selected operation condition.

B. Adsorption Step:

Nitrogen gas is generated under constant pressure.

C. Blow Down Step:

Restoring in the adsorption tower.

D. Purge Step:

Stage to restore the adsorption tower completely.

E. Pressure Equalization Step:

Stage in where loss can be reduced by using a part of energy to be lost.

Adsorber System

The Nitrogen Generator consists of two adsorber vessels filled with CMS, a valve assembly, air filters, main pressure regulator, and a product receiver tank. Clean and dry air is directed to one of the adsorber beds where oxygen and water vapor is adsorbed faster than nitrogen in the pore structure of the CMS, thus increasing the nitrogen purity of the product gas stream to the desired level (95 – 99.999 % as required by customer). This product flows out of the top of the adsorber bed, through the valve, and into the product receiver at a pressures lightly below the feed air pressure.

Sectoral Usage

Metal Industry

Annealing of ferrous and non-ferrous metal (Inert circumstance)

Metallurgical heat treatment (Carbonizing)

Soldering / Brazing

Plasma sheet metal cutters

Inert gas in welding process

Sintering of metal powder

Chemical Industry

Transportation of raw material in storage tank

Container ventilation and prevention of explosion inreaction tank

Sealing of nitrogen in storage tank

Cleaning tank and container

Pressure testing of pipe

Production Process And Storage Of Food

Storage of low oxygen CA or super low oxygen

Charge of nitrogen gas in packing and transportation of coffee, snack or dry nut


 Diluting or transposing gas or vapor to eliminate dangerous gas and oxidized substance


 Ejecting high pressure gas (Sustaining vacuum, shortening cooling time in Ejection)

 Suppressing gas generation in ejection

Charge Nitrogen Gas In Tire

Reducing noise reduction, improving fuel efficiency, reducing tire unbalance and improving driving comport



Hertz Provides Necessary Nitrogen Buffer Tank As Standard!

 Simple structure, compact design, full automated operation

 7/24 Nitrogen production in your own place

 Touch Screen PLC for controlling the complete system

 PLC Screen for Monitoring and visualization the progress

 Rapid start-up

 Safety system

 Due to well design of silencer, low noise levels during depressurization and purge

 Durable piston valves for long-life operation

 On demand production, low cost

 High performance. Design the purity and capacity of nitrogen gas meeting to customer’s requirements. (Nitrogen Purity 95 %~99.999 % is available)

 Minimum maintenance cost replace filter element periodically only and get normal service for the compressor

Reference Conditions



 Oxygen Analyzer

 Flow Meter

 Dew Point Sensor

 Nitrogen purity can be seen on screen

Models and Technical Information

ModelBuffer TankConnectionsDimensions (mm)Weight
Air InletNitrogen OutletLengthWidthHeightKg
HNG 1026 LG ½"G ½"670500113040
HNG 2035 LG ½"G ½"1043596128467
HNG 3552 LG ½"G ½"1082689127886
HNG 6070 LG ½"G ½"11008901433124
HNG 9597 LG ½"G ½"16597601485184
HNG 120126 LG ½"G ½"16348901442228
HNG 150151 LG ½"G ½"16348901639313
HNG 250280 LG ¾"G ½"17608921975491
HNG 330408 LG 1"G ½"19019502025692
HNG 450464 LG 1"G ½"221810102134677
HNG 510515 LG 1"G ¾"220810102028912
HNG 570573 LG 1"G ¾"220810102226951
HNG 730712 LG 1"G ¾"2685111020841091
HNG 9101,0 m3G 1 ½"G 1"2727122024851395
HNG 11101,3 m3G 1 ½"G 1"2896132225211704
HNG 12301,4 m3G 2"G 1"2898132227242031
HNG 13701,5 m3G 2"G 1 ¼"2895135529412096
HNG 18202,0 m3G 2"G 1 ½"3599179326342686
HNG 20502,3 m3DN80G 1 ½"3390196431243009
HNG 25502,3 m3DN80G 2"3666213931943040
HNG 29502,3 m3DN80G 2"4074224527873065
HNG 35402,3 m3DN80G 2"4024237530543214
HNG 41602,3 m3DN80G 2"4020237633613466
HNG 55602,3 m3DN100G 2 ½"4125242538904144
HNG 91702,3 m3DN150DN804502298643645298
HNG 112002,3 m3DN150DN1003081467247285846