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HELM US Series

HELM US 150 / 300 / 600 / 800 / 1200 / 1600 / 2100 / 2750 / 4200 / 6000 / 8000 / 10000

General Information

Applications Include

Capturing oil fog, mist, or smoke from exhaust and     pressure unloading vents on oil flooded compressors, vacuum pumps and blowers

Any application requiring Low Delta P coalescing of large air volumes

Vacuum Freeze Drying

Vacuum Out - Gasing

Vacuum Coating

Food Processing

Nailers / Staplers

Industrial Vacuum Processes

Cement & Paper Processing


Very Low pressure drop

Large oil catching efficiency

Easy field cleaning

Positive sealing O-rings

Temperature (continuous) 36 °F min. 176 °F max.

Auto Float Drain is Standard

Multiple drain Style Options Available

Pressure Rating of 200 psig

Removal of particles down to 0.01 micron including   coalesced liquid water and oil providing a maximum remaining oil aerosol content of 0.01 ppm

Increased surface area in a given volume allows low velocity separation of ultra fine oil mist

Elements are grounded to canister minimizing static electricity problems


Mist Eliminators are designed to meet the demand for:

Efficient removal of oil-mist carryover from piston or oil flooded rotary compressors

Long service life

Strength to withstand strenuous operating conditions

Protection from oil slugs or compressor Air/ Oil separator failure 

Mist Eliminator Element

Ultra low pressure drop reduces energy costs.

Positive gasket seals eliminate media bypass

Filter change out differential 2.5 psig

True Air / Oil Separator

Long service life

Models and Technical Information

ModelCapacityConnection Drain, Port,Max, Working PressureElementHousing Dimensions (in,)
m3/mincfmSizeSizepsiModelABCD E FGH
HELM US 1504.251502" ANSI B16,51/2" NPT200ELM150 -ELEMENT19.739.878.3418.21741213
HELM US 3008.53002" ANSI B16,51/2" NPT200ELM300 -ELEMENT19.743.878.3422.21741617
HELM US 600176002" ANSI B16,51/2" NPT200ELM600 -ELEMENT19.757.878.3436.21743031
HELM US 80022.78003" ANSI B16,51/2" NPT200ELM800 -ELEMENT19.765.2711.142.81743637
HELM US 12003412003" ANSI B16,51/2" NPT200ELM1200 -ELEMENT23.660.1711.1536.751943031
HELM US 160045.316003" ANSI B16,51/2" NPT200ELM1600 -ELEMENT23.666.1711.1542.851943637
HELM US 210059.521004" ANSI B16,51/2" NPT200ELM2100 -ELEMENT27.5662.4213.337.522.353031
HELM US 275077.927504" ANSI B16,51/2" NPT200ELM2750 -ELEMENT27.5668.4213.343.4322.353637
HELM US 4200118.942006" ANSI B16,51/2" NPT200ELM4200 -ELEMENT31.565.6715.438.6324.37.13031
HELM US 6000169.960006" ANSI B16,51/2" NPT200ELM6000 -ELEMENT31.575.6715.448.6724.37.137.441
HELM US 8000226.580008" ANSI B16,51/2" NPT200ELM8000 -ELEMENT33.579.4216.350.226.39.174041
HELM US 10000283.21000010" ANSI B16,51/2" NPT200ELM10000 -ELEMENT39.483.4718.951.5530.313.24041
HELM US 12000339.81200012" ANSI B16,51/2" NPT200ELM12000 -ELEMENT39.4105.9219.6572.830.313.26061